Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How Loyal Are Your Website Visitors?

Lots of tools to detect the website visitors. One of the tools that can do it accurately is Google Analytics. The first thing to do is add the tracking code to your pages, with a note that you have created a Google Analytics account. And do not forget to make sure that you've added the tracking code correctly on your pages.

After all above steps have been complete, wait for a report within a maximum of 24 hours after the tracking code installed. In this report, you can see the various data reports, including data about visitor loyalty. You will see, how loyal are your website visitors. Frequency of visits of the visitors can be detected by Google Analytics accurately, from the number of visits 1 time, 2 times, 100 times to more than 200 times. The numbers of visits are presented in this report, will be a very useful reference for website owners.

Google Analytics Visitor Loyalty

So, go to the Dashboard - Google Analytics to find out how loyal are your website visitors.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Toolbar: Create Posts With Spell Checker

Blog is a media that can enhance one's creativity in writing. With blogs, we can publish and share ideas and opinions we have, we can even make money in blogging. And indeed we must admit that blogging can provide its own inner satisfaction. And now bloggers like vying to make posts, the more posts, more likely to be a reference for information seekers on the Internet.

And the exciting is, in blogging like without insulation barrier for the interaction among bloggers of various nations and languages. And the plus or positive side is, bloggers would not want to have to learn to write in English so that postings that are written and published in the blog, can be easily understood by everyone. To be able to make posts in English, one way is by using Google Translate. But Google Translate is not enough, we still need a Spell Checker.

Google Toolbar English Text Spell Checker

With Spell Checker, we can detect or find out, Are the words or texts that have been typed in English is correct or not?. Often found that the texts or words in English on a post that has been published by bloggers were wrong, especially bloggers from countries that do not use English as the national language. This causes a post to be difficult to understand and a little uncomfortable to read. And it can be avoided or minimized by using the Spell Checker.

Google Toolbar English Text Spell Checker
Google Toolbar English Text Spell Checker

How to install Spell Checker?, Spell Checker is a feature of the Google Toolbar. So just install the Google Toolbar, and then turn on Check button on the Google Toolbar and select AutoFix to English. The works of the Spell Checker in Google Toolbar is: if a word or text in English on the wrong type, it will display a red underline on words or texts that are wrong in typing. In addition, the Google Toolbar provides many other benefits besides the Spell Checker.