Friday, October 22, 2010

8 Attitudes On How You Make Friends

Friend is a treasure for your life, then:
  1. Be a good listener for your friend
    Do not you ever be patronizing. Giving advice is fine, but do not do it too soon. Do it slowly, but make sure your friend is listening.

  2. Every person has a unique and distinctive personality
    Try to understand of how the character belong to your friend. Respect his opinion. Even though you differ in opinions and beliefs, but there must be a middle way as a solution, just do not rush to decide.

  3. Hold the trust that has been given by your friend
    Never ever, you unlock the secret of your friend to others. Each keep a secret, suppose that between both of you, there is a game that can only be played by you and your friend.

  4. Give support and praise your friend, leave aside his mistakes and weaknesses

  5. Do not ever feel envious of your friend
    His happiness is the happiness of yours as well. Join in joy over the success of your friend.

  6. Close in friendship does not mean to depend on each other
    Give a proportional relief. Keep your distance reasonable. Back off a bit if you feel the friendship was too close. Instead, move close on the basis of your conscience whisper, when you feel the friendship is increasingly tenuous.

  7. Set aside time to do activities to refresh together. Develop tolerance, flexibility, assertiveness, empathy and learn to understand each other.

  8. Immediately apologize to your friend when you make mistakes to him. After that, try to fix your mistake. Similarly, give pardon and forget the mistakes if he is guilty.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Six Thoughts Of The People Economy For A Developing Country

1. The people economy is economy held by the people. Economy held by people is that the national economy that is rooted to the potential and power of community at large to run their own economy. People referred to all citizens.

2. The people economic empowerment is efforts to make the economy strong, large, modern, and highly competitive in market mechanism that is true. Because
the constraint of people economic development is a structural constraint, then the solution is that the people economic empowerment must be made through structural changes.

3. Structural change as mentioned above is a change from a traditional economy to a modern economy, the weak economy to the strong economy, from subsistence economies to market economy, from dependence to independence. Step-by-step process of structural change, including:
  • Allocating the fount of resources empowerment
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Mastery of technology, and
  • Empowerment of human resources
4. The people economic empowerment, is not sufficient when only by increase productivity, provide equal opportunities for enterprises, and only give capital injection as stimulant, but it must be secured with the cooperation and close partnership between the advanced groups with the weak and underdeveloped groups.

5. Policies in the people economic empowerment people are:
  • Giving opportunities and greater access to productive assets (especially capital)
  • Strengthening the position of transaction and partnership of the people economic enterprise, so as the subject of people economy is not just price takers
  • Education and health services
  • Strengthening of small scale industries
  • Encourage the emergence of new entrepreneurs, and
  • Spatial distribution.
6. Community empowerment activities include:
  • Increasing access to venture capital assistance
  • Increasing access to human resource development, and
  • Increasing access to facilities and infrastructure that support directly to the socio-economic aspects of local communities.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Community Self-supporting Agency And Social Capital

Community self-supporting agency (generic name) is a collective leadership of community organization of residents of a village whose members are selected based on criteria of humanity, so that the full role as leader of civil society.

Collectivity of leadership is important in order to strengthen an individual's ability to produce and make decisions which is more equitable and wise by reason of the mutual care, mutual wheels and mutual compassion between members, which in turn will ensure more democracy, accountability, and transparency. In addition, patterns of collective leadership is also a disincentive for leaders who actually want to gain absolute power in one hand which in turn will give birth to tyranny and anarchy of selfishness and injustice.

Resident community is the translation of civil society, namely the set of people who initiated and managed independently, which can meet the needs or interests together, solve problems together and / or expressed concern along with due respect the rights of others to do the same and still maintain its independence (autonomy) against state institutions, family, religion and the market.

Thus, Community self-supporting agency is an alternative for citizens, as an institution that became a driving force in poverty reduction as required by the community. Community self-supporting agency as the collective leadership of the civil society, should drive change society, community self-supporting agency should develop attitudes and behaviors of society to become a society of mutual trust between them, and can be trusted by outsiders as well because the trust is one important element in building togetherness.

Trust can grow up and wake up when based on honesty, openness, mutual understanding, mutual respect, selflessness, and so forth. Community in relation or construct social ties as above, will be strong and independent, especially in poverty reduction. Because the highest level of independence when there are interdependencies among the various parties, in which social relations between different parties based on equality (justice).

The ability of communities to work together to achieve common goals in communities called social capital. Social capital can be institutionalized (become a habit) in most small groups or large groups of people, and it's like a country.

Therefore, social capital that must be grown by the community self-supporting agency:
  • Fostering cooperation and trust among members of the community self-supporting agency
  • Develop cooperation and trust between community self-supporting agency to the community
  • Foster cooperation and trust among community groups
  • Fostering cooperation and trust between community self-supporting agency, community and outsiders.

Short Story Of Singapore For Kids

Hundreds of years ago there lived Sang Nila Utama, the King of Srivijaya. One day, accompanied by several loyal bodyguards, King went sailing. On the way hurricanes come. The guards suggested that the King out of it.
"Your Majesty, it is dangerous to continue the journey at a time like this. We better stop once to a safe place. If I not mistaken, the closest place from here is Tumasik island. Why do not we go there while waiting for this weather and condition calm," said the captain.
King agrees. Then docked their ship to the island of Tumasik.

After landing, the King left the ship and look around the island. When he walking, it suddenly flashed a beast not far from him. The King was surprised and amazed. The animal was so big, golden, and looks dashing.
"What creature is that ?"
"If I am not mistaken, the people call it a Lion, your Honor," a bodyguard said.
King then asked for more information about the animal for the first time he saw. The King listened attentively to the explanation of his guard.
"Then, we give the name of this place, Singapore. Meaning is Lion City."
Since then the city was named, Singapore.

Singa means Lion.
Srivijaya (Indonesian: Sriwijaya) is big kingdom in Sumatra island far in the past.

Healthy Aura Makes Life More Happiness

What is aura?, Aura is an electromagnetic beam which is 4 octaves below the visible eye sight capability with 12-6 micron wavelength and frequency of 60-120 Hz. A healthy aura encircling the person's physical body with a clear elliptical shape, with smooth solid edges and brilliant color. The radiant of a healthy and spiritually strong aura, can be seen in paintings.

Healthy and strong aura serves to:
  1. Providing the charm and charisma that gave rise to an inner beauty.
  2. Give protection from negative energy from outside.
  3. Giving energy to nourish the physical body and psyche.
  4. Giving a shield for us, so not easily dominated by others.
Factors that weakened the aura:
  1. Prolonged stress, because stress is a negative thought.
  2. Irregular meals and consume lots of foods derived from animals with an aura of dirty, for example, frog.
  3. Lack of attention to physical health, including lack of exercise.
  4. Often absorb negative energy, either from living things or objects that have a strong energy field.
In order to have strong and healthy aura, then:
  1. Think positive and try to have a firm of happy in every situation.
  2. Allowing yourself to always live relax.
  3. Do physical exercises or walking in the open nature.
  4. Eat foods that are healthy and natural.
  5. Actively engaged in spiritual activities and diligent charity.
  6. Bathing in the sea.
  7. Get plenty of rest under a shady tree.
  8. Do aroma therapy, which proved to soothe and strengthen the aura field.
  9. Relaxation exercises, meditation, prana, reiki, auto hypnosis.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Be Aware Of Fungus On Your Baby Tongue

Tongue can be moldy?. Every people basically has a fungus in mouth, and a baby is no exception. Infection usually occurs when the balance of bacteria in mouth disrupted, it causing an excessive amount of fungus. It could also, due to the use of pacifier that alternated between one baby with another baby. For children aged one year or more, the cause of the fungus on tongue is usually due to Vitamin A deficiency, lack of eating vegetables and fruits. To cure can be smeared with honey.

Apparently, there are many parents who are less concerned about the food consumed by their children, in which, it potentially inviting a lot of bacteria that can be lodged in the oral cavity. When at such condition, fungal infection of Candida Albicans began looming on the tongue.

Infants exposed to the fungus of Candida Albicans, is usually restless, often crying and lazy feeding because of sore tongue. Symptoms of this fungus is marked with white patches on tongue and can cause diarrhea if the child is not treated immediately. The fungus of Candida Albicans can also be eradicated with anti-fungal medicines such as Nystatin, a fluid that dripped into the baby's mouth. In general, a pediatrician will give doses of anti-fungal medicine tailored to the age of the child.

Sweeping the oral cavity

Honey is just as a form of external treatment. Healing (prevention) from the inside certainly will give more support. Strive for child nutrition is available to the fullest. Food for child must be maintained, in order to produce excellent immune in warding off funguses.

If the healing was done, but in recent days similar symptoms appeared again, a number of steps should do. Clean food and beverage equipment of the baby, including pacifiers and bottles. Make sure all objects that entering mouth of a baby in a sterile condition. Then, often to clean the baby's mouth cavity.

When finished feeding, give baby two tablespoons of water. It's good to sweep the remnants of milk is on tongue. However, not all white patches on tongue is fungus. Could be, it's just an accumulation of milk into the crust. The difference is, if the white spots is only remaining milk, then, if it cleaning does not leave the redden area. If after cleaning the area appears redden on tongue, it means is a fungus.

Social Marketing And Community Self-supporting Agency In Development Program

Social Marketing
Marketing is a series of activities that are used to gain attention from potential buyers, motivate prospective buyers to buy, get them to actually buy and try to encourage them to buy and buy again. In principle, marketing is something very simple, namely the art of selling yourself or organization.

In business world, marketing is defined as business activity - the phenomenon of trafficking, the products sold can be either goods or services related to economic activity and is profit. While social marketing, is the strategy of selling idea to change thoughts, attitudes, behaviors of society or certain groups, for the issue or idea offered.

Developing social marketing has been done by various agencies to market their ideas related to social changes to society and also various other parties. The aim is that people want change in attitudes and behaviors for development. In conjunction with community self-supporting agencies, social ideas are in fact already done by the society, which needs to be done is to market the changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that have been done by the society in poverty reduction to the outside parties.

It is expected that through the promotion and campaign for what has been done by community self-supporting agencies and community to the outsiders, whether in form of medium-term planning for poverty reduction programs and processes undertaken, the outside parties such as already mentioned will care and support to community self-supporting agency for implement the ideas that are constructed by society.

Based on experience, implementation of marketing strategies in social world proven to empower organizations in obtaining support for human resources (in form of technical assistance) as well as potential funding sources originating from the various stakeholders (communities, government and private sectors).

Furthermore, social marketing is closely related to partnerships and policy. Efforts to encourage changes in behavior among decision makers, whether government or private institutions, is expected to encourage the drafting of a policy. When the government buy social ideas offered by the community self-supporting agency, for example, involve the community in development program, the government is expected to adopt it and make participatory planning policies for development programs.

Differences Between Leader And Boss Upon Responsibility

Differences Between Leader And Boss Upon Responsibility
How does someone deal with a responsibility, will provide a clear boundary between a leader and a boss. Although both understand, the higher the position and authority possessed by a person in an organization, the greater the responsibility to be borne, however there are significant differences on how a leader accept responsibility, and how a boss to avoid it. Characteristics of a leader is the person who likes to take greater responsibility, willing to take greater risks and dare to give an account as well. This, is to distinguish the quality of a person becomes a leader, on the role of a manager.

It is easy to understand, Why a leader tends to take responsibility, especially when he has a vision, a frame of the ideals to be achieved. Vision, is what will drive a leader to take a greater role, as well as greater responsibility. Vision can not be achieved if the organization, institution or company that led him not to move forward. This movement, demanding mobility, require greater resources to open a big opportunity. Simultaneously, bring a big challenge, and the risk is higher. A leader, will take responsibility for it.

A leader is likely to take more responsibility, as well as greater risk, because he had to realize his vision. With his vision, he would mobilize his followers to realize the vision. He will muster all skills he has for all of it, organize all available resources, in order to realize the vision. Therefore, a leader who has the vision will never feel worried about the various failures that occurred, as long as he saw it as a learning process towards the realization of vision. Overall, he saw failure and defeat as fluctuations and a graph with a trend that continues to draw close to its destination. Therefore, a leader is never afraid to take responsibility for a failure, moreover, he fled to leave.

The courage of a leader to take the risk, of course is not without consideration. Formally, the level of a leader within an organization is higher than a manager. Therefore, a leader at least understand the managerial aspects, such as planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling an organization and its activities. Without good managerial skills, a leader who has the vision must be supported by a capable manager, so in an effort to realize the vision he moves in a systematic, deliberate and calculating.

This is contrary to a boss. Boss occupy high positions, solely because of formalities that may be achieved with something that is beyond the ability (competence). He seeks to maintain the position, privileges and merits, so he does not like the Change. He will try to defend a state that already exists. He does not need managers who will support him, because he saw them instead as potential threat to his position.

This kind of attitude that causes a boss does not like the responsibility for a failure, especially when the means to account for the failure, the risk or a problem. Responsibility means the weakness of a boss's career, loss of privileges, endangerment of honor, that's why he does not like change even if it means significant progress for the organization. He seeks to defend the status quo. A boss does not have a vision, he just run what has been planned and agreed upon organization. Work plan prepared by managers and staff. He would let it go. When running well, he will be able to perform as good as he wants. When walk choked up, jammed or failed, he simply threw the responsibility to subordinate workers. Boss throwing down responsibilities, and he did not like the responsibility, therefore, he avoids it.

The Meaning Of Blue Aura

Blue Aura
The blue color comes from the disc around the neck, which could mean implies loyalty. People who have an aura of blue color was a faithful.

Personality traits and other characteristics of a blue aura is as follows:
  • Attentive; People with blue auras are a good host and good at satisfying the desire of guests and good at communicating. He put friendship and spirituality in his life. He was very happy when able to establish a close and intimate friendship. Instead, he will feel devastated and depressed when he should be alone in a bad condition of friendship.
  • Tend to transform himself; Wanting to be loved, he tends to reinvent himself. When other colors take time to be alone, he would think if he no longer loved, because this blue aura always want to be near to people he loved.
  • Sense; Blue is the aura of most sensitive among all aura colors. People with blue auras easily shed tears when angry, sad, or happy. He was concerned with heart and feeling, he likes to protect, warm, and loving. The purpose of his life in this world is to give love, to teach compassion and learn to love. He wants everyone to be able to feel loved and accepted. He did not hesitate to devote time and energy for friends in need.
  • Having a strong instinct; People with blue auras can feel if something would happen. For example, if he was thinking of someone who has long not been met, not for long, that someone contacts him. When he faced problems in friendship, business, health and other things, the blue just need silence and concentrate to get the answers he needed.
Weakness and strength in blue aura
  • Weakness; Always wondered if he really loved. Because he wants to be loved more than anything in this world, then he learns that he is loved because of what comes out of his heart, not of his deeds. In addition, blue aura people are often too dramatic of looking at love and tend to manipulate others.
  • Strength; Blue aura people can feel and see what other people think. The blue have what other people think. Blue has many friends. People will feel happy to be around him because they can feel the radiant warmth and affection. Unfortunately, many people tend to take advantage of generous nature and unselfish of this blue aura.
Suitable careers for blue aura
  • Technicians, counselors, veterinarians, surgeons, curator of the museum. Its calm and a desire to help others create an aura of blue suited to type of work that emphasizes the emotional aspect.
Suggestions for blue aura people
  • Learn to dare to say no, so as not to be used by others.
  • Do not love yourself.

Short History Of Jakarta City

The history of Jakarta began with a small port at the mouth of Ciliwung river about 500 years ago. For centuries this port city later developed into a bustling international trade center. Prior knowledge about Jakarta collected slightly through the various inscriptions found in the port area. Information on the city of Jakarta until the early arrival of European explorers can be said is very little.

Report of the European writers of 16th century mentions a town named Kalapa, which seems to be the main port named for a Hindu kingdom of Sunda, and its capital is Padjajaran, located about 40 miles inland, near the town of Bogor today.

The Portuguese is a large group of first Europeans people who came to the port of Kalapa. The city was then attacked by a young age, named Fatahillah, from a kingdom located near Kalapa. Fatahillah change the name of Sunda Kalapa to Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date is now celebrated as the birthday of the city of Jakarta. The Dutch came in the late of 16th century and then controlled Jayakarta. Jayakarta name later changed to Batavia. Nature and geography of Batavia that has a lot of marsh is similar to the Netherlands, their homeland.

They also build canals to protect Batavia from the threat of flooding. City government activities centered around the field, located about 500 meters from the port. They built elegant town hall, which is the central position of the city government of Batavia. Gradually the city developed to south of Batavia. The rapid growth resulted in rapid environmental conditions damaged, it forcing the Dutch authorities to move the center of government activity to the region which is higher. This region is called, Weltevreden.

View Jakarta in Google Map.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Google AdSense Rules, Actual Rules To Build A Good Website

Google AdSense is a program that is coveted by all bloggers and webmasters. They fought hard to get an approved Google AdSense account. In fact, some among those who submitted applications up to 10 times to get it, with result, all applications were not approved. Conversely, there is also a first time submission, but it was approved.

Apart from all small phenomena as dynamics in process of registration to Google AdSense, there is one interesting thing to observe, that is about Google AdSense program policies. This is the strictest rules that bind webmasters and bloggers. Could be, one of strictest rules, which ever existed on the web for webmasters and bloggers. Could be as well, It is an actual rules for building a good website.

Why so?
  1. Before a website is registered, in advance, must comply to webmaster guidelines. In fact, if explored, especially webmaster quality guidelines, is to have so many guidelines points that strict. Not only is strict, terms in it also needs to be read and understood by new webmaster or blogger. For instance, cloaking or sneaky redirects, and the fact is there are still many new webmasters or newbie bloggers who do not understand this term.
  2. When coupled with webmaster technical guidelines and design and content guidelines, it will be much more that must be adhered by a website. And it will take a long time and energy.
  3. Must understand in advance of and in accordance with DMCA - Google AdSense. Within this page, there are also links out to be read and understood by webmaster. That is, before a webmaster sign up for Google AdSense, then he will learn more about, for instance, Chilling Effects.
  4. Must comply to landing page quality guidelines, that is, must give effectiveness of ads to AdWords advertisers.
  5. Privacy of users, which in essence, a website is able to guarantee and protect security of user privacy. Just as Google in securing and protecting user privacy.
  6. Terms and conditions must be agreed in advance.
  7. Just after six rules above, then new webmaster just read and adhered all rules in Google AdSense program policies that are intrinsic.
If all above rules be adhered, not only will be approved by Google AdSense, but also will be produced a good website.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google's 20th Anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope Launch by NASA

Google showed its trademark again, that Google is not just a Search Engine. Google has always shown a variety of efforts, which basically, in order to spread the Substance of an Information to the world. Just like when on 22 April 2010, that Google changed the homepage with Earth Day-themed logo.

And today, 24 April 2010, is the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope, which was launched by NASA. So what role does Google do?, as usual, Google is changing the homepage logo, with a logo theme: 20th Anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope Launch by NASA.

And also, Google is offering to users, for Take a tour of the universe with the Hubble imagery in Google Earth.

Then what it means?, especially for Google users. When users or visitors went into Google homepage, very probably, they do not even know about what's Hubble Telescope. Furthermore, Google is giving out to them by way of, setting the Google logo with an image of a telescope that is floating in space, obviously, it will be very interesting for Google users.

And, it will encourage them to click. Where, the content behind the logo, is a query of "Hubble Telescope". When they clicked, thus, there was a transformation of information about everything related to Hubble Telescope. Simply put, "No idea" turned into "Know". And really, it is the Substance of an Information, which is being tried to be said by Google.

The second is a link that offers to Take a Tour of the universe with the Hubble imagery in Google Earth. This feature is more directed for Google users who already know about NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

And it was not just above mentioned features offered by Google, users will also be invited to take a tour through Google Sky on Google's 20th Anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope Homepage.

3 great efforts from Google.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Explore Google Search Can Be A Disadvantage For Website Owner

There are two important variables in Google search. Those two variables are Information and Website. On search results page, those two variables are divided into four features, namely: Title, Snippet, URL, and Cached link.

From four of those features, the most useful for users is Snippet, a description of or an excerpt from the webpage. This snippet that will encourage users, whether to conduct a Clickthrough or not?. And this snippet is a vital feature of information as a variable. Where, snippet can be made by the website owner by creating site's title and description in search results with Meta Tags.

To search for more complete information, then users click a link on the Title feature (also known as Clickthrough). Then there was a search activity by users on Google, which is in accordance to the expectations of website owners.

However, for searches on Google with special features, such as search for a Unit Conversion, Dictionary, and others, then the opposite will happen and most probably is not expected by the website owner. Whereby, users already get the Information they are looking for from snippets that appear on search results page. So users do not need to do a Clickthrough to a website.

On the one hand, this is an achievement of Google, for giving information proportioned, quick, and appropriate for users. But on the other hand, it is a disadvantage for the website owner.

See the description on images below:

Dictionary Search on Google

Unit Conversion Search on Google

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Are Restricted By Robots.Txt Always Appears In Blogger's Blogspot?

Please note that Googlebot (Google robot for crawling, also known as Spider) must crawl billions pages on the web. With the advancement of technology and resources they have, it becomes very likely be completed by Google in order to realize the mission of Google, which in this case performed by the Googlebot.

But not necessarily, billions of pages on the web, can be indexed by Google within a short and quick time. Googlebot needs Efficiency and Effectiveness for crawling. Googlebot will not crawl on the same page with different URL address, For example, might point to the same content as

This explanation, actually is the answer to the question often asked by Blogspot's bloggers, that is: Why are Restricted by robots.txt always appears in Blogger's Blogspot? (on Webmaster tools - Diagnostics - Crawl errors report).

Blogger is a blogging platform that has the advantage, automatically indexed in Google. But unlike WordPress which is self-hosted, Blogger or Blogspot is hosted by the second hand or not by You. Next, Blogger has a way to classify various topics by adding a feature that is, Labels.

By using Labels, a Blogspot's blogger can categorize or classify each post with a separate topic. However, if a post did not have a specific topic, then its post would be very likely to have more than one topic or label. What happens next is, there will be two or more different directory or URL address that leads to a page of the same post.

And to handle the matter or issue, Blogger by default or automatically add the Robots.txt file for each post pages that have more than one label or topic.

Furthermore, this issue will appear on Crawl errors report on Google webmaster tools. Where in fact, it is not a problem that needs to worry about by Blogspot's blogger. Therefore, the post pages will still be indexed by Google, it's just that, Googlebot will requires more time to crawl the post pages with more than one label, where, Googlebot will first identify, where post pages which are Restricted by Robots.txt file.

Default Restrictions or Robots.txt for Blogger's Blogspot

For example:

You have a blog with a post titled: How to Play Football, it is very likely that this post will have two topics or label, namely: Playing Football (firstlabel) and Football (secondlabel). And the result is two URL address just like below:
So it is clear that, the two URL address above lead to the same post page. And, Blogger will make restrictions on one of its URL addresses.

Benefit And Detriment Of Blog Submission To Blog Social Networks

Blogging is an activity done in a dimension that totally limitless. Bloggers brought to a dimension that seems like a jungle, so that bloggers often do not know exactly on What will be, being, and they have done in the world wide web. Simply put, bloggers finally trapped in the world wide web. Though on the other hand, blogging is an exciting activity, which will provide friends and new experiences.

An activity (a way) that is often done by bloggers is to register their blogs to the website which is called as a Blog Directory or Blog Social Network (e.g:Blog Catalog, MyBlogLog and more). Despite that it is an activity that is Right for them, but actually, it can slightly weaken the existence of blogger's blog.

There are two things, which, one thing is a Benefit, one other thing is a Loss or Detriment for bloggers.

Benefit for bloggers: By registering their blogs to the Blog Social Network, their blogs will be more known by other bloggers from around the world. Their blogs will also be easier to search or crawl (through the Link) by Search Engine Robots, but with a Note, this Blog Social Network is a DoFollow site (just check, whether they DoFollow?). Usually, bloggers are asked to enter or put their Blog Feeds URL (RSS URL) from their blog. So the update will happen automatically. This Blog Social Network next to an Up-Stream site for the blogger's blog.

Therefore, the Blog Social Network is usually a big site that has been highly recognized by Search Engine Robots. Of course, they must be indexed more quickly than the blogger's blog (see on attached image, click to enlarge).

The true Blog URL even didn't appears on SERP

Detriment for bloggers: Because the Blog Social Network indexed more quickly, they are very likely to appear with Higher Rank than the blogger's blog on SERP-search engine results page. And this will encourage the User to do Clickthrough to the Blogger Social Network. And this is called as Weakening the Existence of a blogger's blog on the world wide web.

The most fitting way for bloggers (especially beginners or newbies) to avoid that, among other things:
  1. Focus in making Unique and Original Content as much as possible,
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools regularly,
  3. And always check on blog progress with Google Analytics.
For newbie bloggers (especially again for blogspot's bloggers), think twice to register the blog to the Blog Social Networks, just focus on doing three things mentioned above, at most about three months, then the blog will get a steady place on the world wide web. Pay attention to things that are long-term, and avoid the short-term.