Friday, April 16, 2010

Benefit And Detriment Of Blog Submission To Blog Social Networks

Blogging is an activity done in a dimension that totally limitless. Bloggers brought to a dimension that seems like a jungle, so that bloggers often do not know exactly on What will be, being, and they have done in the world wide web. Simply put, bloggers finally trapped in the world wide web. Though on the other hand, blogging is an exciting activity, which will provide friends and new experiences.

An activity (a way) that is often done by bloggers is to register their blogs to the website which is called as a Blog Directory or Blog Social Network (e.g:Blog Catalog, MyBlogLog and more). Despite that it is an activity that is Right for them, but actually, it can slightly weaken the existence of blogger's blog.

There are two things, which, one thing is a Benefit, one other thing is a Loss or Detriment for bloggers.

Benefit for bloggers: By registering their blogs to the Blog Social Network, their blogs will be more known by other bloggers from around the world. Their blogs will also be easier to search or crawl (through the Link) by Search Engine Robots, but with a Note, this Blog Social Network is a DoFollow site (just check, whether they DoFollow?). Usually, bloggers are asked to enter or put their Blog Feeds URL (RSS URL) from their blog. So the update will happen automatically. This Blog Social Network next to an Up-Stream site for the blogger's blog.

Therefore, the Blog Social Network is usually a big site that has been highly recognized by Search Engine Robots. Of course, they must be indexed more quickly than the blogger's blog (see on attached image, click to enlarge).

The true Blog URL even didn't appears on SERP

Detriment for bloggers: Because the Blog Social Network indexed more quickly, they are very likely to appear with Higher Rank than the blogger's blog on SERP-search engine results page. And this will encourage the User to do Clickthrough to the Blogger Social Network. And this is called as Weakening the Existence of a blogger's blog on the world wide web.

The most fitting way for bloggers (especially beginners or newbies) to avoid that, among other things:
  1. Focus in making Unique and Original Content as much as possible,
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools regularly,
  3. And always check on blog progress with Google Analytics.
For newbie bloggers (especially again for blogspot's bloggers), think twice to register the blog to the Blog Social Networks, just focus on doing three things mentioned above, at most about three months, then the blog will get a steady place on the world wide web. Pay attention to things that are long-term, and avoid the short-term.

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