Friday, October 22, 2010

8 Attitudes On How You Make Friends

Friend is a treasure for your life, then:
  1. Be a good listener for your friend
    Do not you ever be patronizing. Giving advice is fine, but do not do it too soon. Do it slowly, but make sure your friend is listening.

  2. Every person has a unique and distinctive personality
    Try to understand of how the character belong to your friend. Respect his opinion. Even though you differ in opinions and beliefs, but there must be a middle way as a solution, just do not rush to decide.

  3. Hold the trust that has been given by your friend
    Never ever, you unlock the secret of your friend to others. Each keep a secret, suppose that between both of you, there is a game that can only be played by you and your friend.

  4. Give support and praise your friend, leave aside his mistakes and weaknesses

  5. Do not ever feel envious of your friend
    His happiness is the happiness of yours as well. Join in joy over the success of your friend.

  6. Close in friendship does not mean to depend on each other
    Give a proportional relief. Keep your distance reasonable. Back off a bit if you feel the friendship was too close. Instead, move close on the basis of your conscience whisper, when you feel the friendship is increasingly tenuous.

  7. Set aside time to do activities to refresh together. Develop tolerance, flexibility, assertiveness, empathy and learn to understand each other.

  8. Immediately apologize to your friend when you make mistakes to him. After that, try to fix your mistake. Similarly, give pardon and forget the mistakes if he is guilty.


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