Monday, October 18, 2010

The Meaning Of Blue Aura

Blue Aura
The blue color comes from the disc around the neck, which could mean implies loyalty. People who have an aura of blue color was a faithful.

Personality traits and other characteristics of a blue aura is as follows:
  • Attentive; People with blue auras are a good host and good at satisfying the desire of guests and good at communicating. He put friendship and spirituality in his life. He was very happy when able to establish a close and intimate friendship. Instead, he will feel devastated and depressed when he should be alone in a bad condition of friendship.
  • Tend to transform himself; Wanting to be loved, he tends to reinvent himself. When other colors take time to be alone, he would think if he no longer loved, because this blue aura always want to be near to people he loved.
  • Sense; Blue is the aura of most sensitive among all aura colors. People with blue auras easily shed tears when angry, sad, or happy. He was concerned with heart and feeling, he likes to protect, warm, and loving. The purpose of his life in this world is to give love, to teach compassion and learn to love. He wants everyone to be able to feel loved and accepted. He did not hesitate to devote time and energy for friends in need.
  • Having a strong instinct; People with blue auras can feel if something would happen. For example, if he was thinking of someone who has long not been met, not for long, that someone contacts him. When he faced problems in friendship, business, health and other things, the blue just need silence and concentrate to get the answers he needed.
Weakness and strength in blue aura
  • Weakness; Always wondered if he really loved. Because he wants to be loved more than anything in this world, then he learns that he is loved because of what comes out of his heart, not of his deeds. In addition, blue aura people are often too dramatic of looking at love and tend to manipulate others.
  • Strength; Blue aura people can feel and see what other people think. The blue have what other people think. Blue has many friends. People will feel happy to be around him because they can feel the radiant warmth and affection. Unfortunately, many people tend to take advantage of generous nature and unselfish of this blue aura.
Suitable careers for blue aura
  • Technicians, counselors, veterinarians, surgeons, curator of the museum. Its calm and a desire to help others create an aura of blue suited to type of work that emphasizes the emotional aspect.
Suggestions for blue aura people
  • Learn to dare to say no, so as not to be used by others.
  • Do not love yourself.

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