Monday, October 18, 2010

Be Aware Of Fungus On Your Baby Tongue

Tongue can be moldy?. Every people basically has a fungus in mouth, and a baby is no exception. Infection usually occurs when the balance of bacteria in mouth disrupted, it causing an excessive amount of fungus. It could also, due to the use of pacifier that alternated between one baby with another baby. For children aged one year or more, the cause of the fungus on tongue is usually due to Vitamin A deficiency, lack of eating vegetables and fruits. To cure can be smeared with honey.

Apparently, there are many parents who are less concerned about the food consumed by their children, in which, it potentially inviting a lot of bacteria that can be lodged in the oral cavity. When at such condition, fungal infection of Candida Albicans began looming on the tongue.

Infants exposed to the fungus of Candida Albicans, is usually restless, often crying and lazy feeding because of sore tongue. Symptoms of this fungus is marked with white patches on tongue and can cause diarrhea if the child is not treated immediately. The fungus of Candida Albicans can also be eradicated with anti-fungal medicines such as Nystatin, a fluid that dripped into the baby's mouth. In general, a pediatrician will give doses of anti-fungal medicine tailored to the age of the child.

Sweeping the oral cavity

Honey is just as a form of external treatment. Healing (prevention) from the inside certainly will give more support. Strive for child nutrition is available to the fullest. Food for child must be maintained, in order to produce excellent immune in warding off funguses.

If the healing was done, but in recent days similar symptoms appeared again, a number of steps should do. Clean food and beverage equipment of the baby, including pacifiers and bottles. Make sure all objects that entering mouth of a baby in a sterile condition. Then, often to clean the baby's mouth cavity.

When finished feeding, give baby two tablespoons of water. It's good to sweep the remnants of milk is on tongue. However, not all white patches on tongue is fungus. Could be, it's just an accumulation of milk into the crust. The difference is, if the white spots is only remaining milk, then, if it cleaning does not leave the redden area. If after cleaning the area appears redden on tongue, it means is a fungus.

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