Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Short Story Of Singapore For Kids

Hundreds of years ago there lived Sang Nila Utama, the King of Srivijaya. One day, accompanied by several loyal bodyguards, King went sailing. On the way hurricanes come. The guards suggested that the King out of it.
"Your Majesty, it is dangerous to continue the journey at a time like this. We better stop once to a safe place. If I not mistaken, the closest place from here is Tumasik island. Why do not we go there while waiting for this weather and condition calm," said the captain.
King agrees. Then docked their ship to the island of Tumasik.

After landing, the King left the ship and look around the island. When he walking, it suddenly flashed a beast not far from him. The King was surprised and amazed. The animal was so big, golden, and looks dashing.
"What creature is that ?"
"If I am not mistaken, the people call it a Lion, your Honor," a bodyguard said.
King then asked for more information about the animal for the first time he saw. The King listened attentively to the explanation of his guard.
"Then, we give the name of this place, Singapore. Meaning is Lion City."
Since then the city was named, Singapore.

Singa means Lion.
Srivijaya (Indonesian: Sriwijaya) is big kingdom in Sumatra island far in the past.

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