Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Healthy Aura Makes Life More Happiness

What is aura?, Aura is an electromagnetic beam which is 4 octaves below the visible eye sight capability with 12-6 micron wavelength and frequency of 60-120 Hz. A healthy aura encircling the person's physical body with a clear elliptical shape, with smooth solid edges and brilliant color. The radiant of a healthy and spiritually strong aura, can be seen in paintings.

Healthy and strong aura serves to:
  1. Providing the charm and charisma that gave rise to an inner beauty.
  2. Give protection from negative energy from outside.
  3. Giving energy to nourish the physical body and psyche.
  4. Giving a shield for us, so not easily dominated by others.
Factors that weakened the aura:
  1. Prolonged stress, because stress is a negative thought.
  2. Irregular meals and consume lots of foods derived from animals with an aura of dirty, for example, frog.
  3. Lack of attention to physical health, including lack of exercise.
  4. Often absorb negative energy, either from living things or objects that have a strong energy field.
In order to have strong and healthy aura, then:
  1. Think positive and try to have a firm of happy in every situation.
  2. Allowing yourself to always live relax.
  3. Do physical exercises or walking in the open nature.
  4. Eat foods that are healthy and natural.
  5. Actively engaged in spiritual activities and diligent charity.
  6. Bathing in the sea.
  7. Get plenty of rest under a shady tree.
  8. Do aroma therapy, which proved to soothe and strengthen the aura field.
  9. Relaxation exercises, meditation, prana, reiki, auto hypnosis.

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