Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Google AdSense Rules, Actual Rules To Build A Good Website

Google AdSense is a program that is coveted by all bloggers and webmasters. They fought hard to get an approved Google AdSense account. In fact, some among those who submitted applications up to 10 times to get it, with result, all applications were not approved. Conversely, there is also a first time submission, but it was approved.

Apart from all small phenomena as dynamics in process of registration to Google AdSense, there is one interesting thing to observe, that is about Google AdSense program policies. This is the strictest rules that bind webmasters and bloggers. Could be, one of strictest rules, which ever existed on the web for webmasters and bloggers. Could be as well, It is an actual rules for building a good website.

Why so?
  1. Before a website is registered, in advance, must comply to webmaster guidelines. In fact, if explored, especially webmaster quality guidelines, is to have so many guidelines points that strict. Not only is strict, terms in it also needs to be read and understood by new webmaster or blogger. For instance, cloaking or sneaky redirects, and the fact is there are still many new webmasters or newbie bloggers who do not understand this term.
  2. When coupled with webmaster technical guidelines and design and content guidelines, it will be much more that must be adhered by a website. And it will take a long time and energy.
  3. Must understand in advance of and in accordance with DMCA - Google AdSense. Within this page, there are also links out to be read and understood by webmaster. That is, before a webmaster sign up for Google AdSense, then he will learn more about, for instance, Chilling Effects.
  4. Must comply to landing page quality guidelines, that is, must give effectiveness of ads to AdWords advertisers.
  5. Privacy of users, which in essence, a website is able to guarantee and protect security of user privacy. Just as Google in securing and protecting user privacy.
  6. Terms and conditions must be agreed in advance.
  7. Just after six rules above, then new webmaster just read and adhered all rules in Google AdSense program policies that are intrinsic.
If all above rules be adhered, not only will be approved by Google AdSense, but also will be produced a good website.

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