Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Community Self-supporting Agency And Social Capital

Community self-supporting agency (generic name) is a collective leadership of community organization of residents of a village whose members are selected based on criteria of humanity, so that the full role as leader of civil society.

Collectivity of leadership is important in order to strengthen an individual's ability to produce and make decisions which is more equitable and wise by reason of the mutual care, mutual wheels and mutual compassion between members, which in turn will ensure more democracy, accountability, and transparency. In addition, patterns of collective leadership is also a disincentive for leaders who actually want to gain absolute power in one hand which in turn will give birth to tyranny and anarchy of selfishness and injustice.

Resident community is the translation of civil society, namely the set of people who initiated and managed independently, which can meet the needs or interests together, solve problems together and / or expressed concern along with due respect the rights of others to do the same and still maintain its independence (autonomy) against state institutions, family, religion and the market.

Thus, Community self-supporting agency is an alternative for citizens, as an institution that became a driving force in poverty reduction as required by the community. Community self-supporting agency as the collective leadership of the civil society, should drive change society, community self-supporting agency should develop attitudes and behaviors of society to become a society of mutual trust between them, and can be trusted by outsiders as well because the trust is one important element in building togetherness.

Trust can grow up and wake up when based on honesty, openness, mutual understanding, mutual respect, selflessness, and so forth. Community in relation or construct social ties as above, will be strong and independent, especially in poverty reduction. Because the highest level of independence when there are interdependencies among the various parties, in which social relations between different parties based on equality (justice).

The ability of communities to work together to achieve common goals in communities called social capital. Social capital can be institutionalized (become a habit) in most small groups or large groups of people, and it's like a country.

Therefore, social capital that must be grown by the community self-supporting agency:
  • Fostering cooperation and trust among members of the community self-supporting agency
  • Develop cooperation and trust between community self-supporting agency to the community
  • Foster cooperation and trust among community groups
  • Fostering cooperation and trust between community self-supporting agency, community and outsiders.

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