Monday, October 18, 2010

Short History Of Jakarta City

The history of Jakarta began with a small port at the mouth of Ciliwung river about 500 years ago. For centuries this port city later developed into a bustling international trade center. Prior knowledge about Jakarta collected slightly through the various inscriptions found in the port area. Information on the city of Jakarta until the early arrival of European explorers can be said is very little.

Report of the European writers of 16th century mentions a town named Kalapa, which seems to be the main port named for a Hindu kingdom of Sunda, and its capital is Padjajaran, located about 40 miles inland, near the town of Bogor today.

The Portuguese is a large group of first Europeans people who came to the port of Kalapa. The city was then attacked by a young age, named Fatahillah, from a kingdom located near Kalapa. Fatahillah change the name of Sunda Kalapa to Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date is now celebrated as the birthday of the city of Jakarta. The Dutch came in the late of 16th century and then controlled Jayakarta. Jayakarta name later changed to Batavia. Nature and geography of Batavia that has a lot of marsh is similar to the Netherlands, their homeland.

They also build canals to protect Batavia from the threat of flooding. City government activities centered around the field, located about 500 meters from the port. They built elegant town hall, which is the central position of the city government of Batavia. Gradually the city developed to south of Batavia. The rapid growth resulted in rapid environmental conditions damaged, it forcing the Dutch authorities to move the center of government activity to the region which is higher. This region is called, Weltevreden.

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